Wood Flooring Options and How to Keep Them Clean and New

There are many hardwood flooring options available. Find the right one for you and the best way to keep it looking new.

Designer Wood Flooring

woodSome wood floors are considered designer. This means the flooring has gone through some engineering to make it better than a normal wood floor. Designer wood flooring often comes prefinished. The homeowner can save some time, and odor by choosing designer wood flooring. The treatment of the finish also seems to make the floor more durable than traditional hardwood. This type of flooring can be very expensive so it may not be the best choice for the budget conscious.

Getting Cheap Wood Flooring

There are cheap wood flooring options available that still look like the more expensive counterpart. There are many wood floor liquidators that offer better pricing for wood floors. The quality of the wood floor is important so make sure to still find good quality. Cheap wood flooring doesn’t have to mean poor quality. It’s all about shopping around for the best price. However, sometimes a deal is too good to be true. Some flooring may be of a lesser quality, and although it looks nice now, think about how it might look in 20 years.

Recycled Wood

There are also recycled wood floors for the environmentally conscious person. These floors can be reclaimed wood flooring, which can mean from an old building that was to be demolished, or a building that was scheduled for renovation. One benefit of using recycled wood is the history behind it. Finding out where the floor came from can lead someone on a great adventure through history. It also can give a room a more rustic feel because they are older boards. Be sure that the boards being used have been sanded and refinished to prevent splinters and give them a brand new look.

Wood Floor Cleaner

Prevent voiding warranties by using the cleaning product suggested by the manufacturer. Stay away from oil soap products that contain wax because they may void the warranty. A good wood floor cleaner shouldn’t leave any residue, shouldn’t dull the look of the wood, and should dry quickly. It is important to know the floor’s finish before choosing a wood floor cleaner. Newer hardwood floors have a polyurethane finish.