Why Choose Carpet Dry Cleaning?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, not all carpets are alike. While many carpets can be deep cleaned with steam or shampooed, others will be ruined by this method. Carpets that benefit from dry cleaning are made of natural fibers like hemp, jute and sisal. Homeowners should also be extremely careful about using water to clean wool carpets. Like wool garments, wool carpets can shrink when they’re wet. Silk area rugs also need to be cleaned with great care. These rugs may need to be rolled up and taken to a rug cleaner that specializes in Oriental rugs.

carpet dry cleaningThough steam cleaning can be done by a layperson, dry cleaning needs to be done by a professional because of the chemicals and other carpet cleaning supplies involved.

With dry cleaning, the professional cleaner sprinkles granules of a chemical over the carpet then brushes it into the fibers. Often, the brushing is done by a machine, but it can also be done by hand. This dissolves the dirt and grime in the carpet, which are then sucked up by an industrial vacuum cleaner. One advantage of dry cleaning over types of cleaning that use liquid is that the carpet can be used very quickly after the treatment. The household doesn’t need to stay out of the room for a day to allow the carpet to dry nor do fans have to be turned on in the room to help the drying process along.

There’s also a type of dry cleaning that uses foam. Instead of a chemical, foam is worked into the carpet then vacuumed up. It takes about an hour for the carpet to dry if it’s been subject to this type of treatment.

Though dry cleaning can pick up stains as well as steam cleaning, it doesn’t remove mold or dust mites and needs to be done carefully lest the carpet be damaged by the brushing.

Before the homeowner has his or her carpet cleaned, it’s a good idea to vet a few professional carpet cleaning services. The service shouldn’t give the customer an estimate over the phone but needs to send a representative to the home or business to take a look at the carpet before an estimate is given. The service should also not charge extra for vacuuming the carpet, spot cleaning or moving the furniture. These tasks are part of the overall cleaning service.