What Tile Can Do for You

If you’re ready to tackle a project of new flooring in your home, you should definitely consider tile as your medium of choice. Tiles come in a variety of materials, textures, and colors that are sure to please your particular taste and integrate well into your existing design scheme. Here are some of the most appealing options as well as information about care, maintenance, and material-dependent features.

Make It Unique

tileQuarried as granite from some of the most reputable known sources around the world, marble is then highly polished in order to bring out the unique character of the granite’s composition. Surprising colors, intricate veins of contrasting pigment, and an appearance as singular as a fingerprint, marble varieties add distinction and personality to your home.

It’s vital when choosing marble that you think about the space in which it will be installed. If the stone has a high density of contrasting features and veins, you’ll want to take the time to match up the veins as closely as possible to avoid creating an eye-jarring distraction. As well, the choice of grout should reflect where in your home you intend to install the tile. If it is a room or passage with high foot traffic, you may want to opt for a neutral tone of grout and mortar that won’t show dirt easily. Additionally, in order to lengthen the lifespan of your marble floor, be certain that you properly seal the stone and maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep it looking beautiful.

Vinyl Tiles and You

When it comes to selecting patterns, the sky is the limit with vinyl. Any shade or pattern you might desire is available for sale in this highly durable, cost-effective material. These tiles are fantastic for high-traffic, heavy use areas, such as kitchens or indoor playrooms. As well, the toll that pet traffic often has on other, more impressionable flooring isn’t a problem here. Vinyl is specifically designed to handle such hard use.

Another fantastic feature of vinyl is that it is easy to clean and maintain. So, don’t worry about the kids making a mess on a rainy day or dropping that sauce ladle. Cleaning is simple, and can be done with a number of widely available cleansers. Vinyl offers long-lasting color, and durable, simply cleaned coverage for any room in any home. When it’s time to replace the flooring, vinyl tiles are easily removed and recycled.