Top Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Marble Flooring

The beauty and functional benefits of marble can change a home forever. The main material in this flooring is marble, which is formed from limestone. Over time, limestone that is deep in the ground changes into a strong composition that consists of crystals. This process is known as recrystallization. The marble is extracted and used to create marble floors.

Cost of Marble Floors

marble flooringThe amount of money that homeowners will need to pay to install marble floors varies greatly. Location, manufacturer and many other variables will determine the cost of marble.

However, the average price for this style of flooring is $9.30 to $13.70 for every square foot. This calculated cost takes into consideration the average price of labor and materials.

Benefits of Marble Flooring

When compared to other types of flooring, marble is quite expensive, but marble floors will easily make friends, family and guests jealous. The beauty of well-cleaned marble is unmatched.

Marble has a unique beauty that can make any room feel luxurious. Although marble material has been around for centuries, it’s starting to make a massive comeback in the home design industry. Any style of marble offers a number of benefits.

Adds Value

Homeowners can choose from a variety of marble patterns, and marble floors can be used to add value to any home. Whether it’s newly-built or outdated, a home can be beautified with marble.

Many remodeling projects increase a home’s value, but not many projects can add as much value as installing marble floors. Linoleum tiles and similar types of flooring can end up looking really cheap, but marble doesn’t look cheap at all. If installed correctly, marble floors can increase a home’s resale value by thousands of dollars.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Marble floors have hypoallergenic properties, so they’re perfect for homeowners who’re allergic to dust and similar particles. Marble is a material that is naturally able to resist allergen and bacteria buildup.

Mold and fungus have no chance of growing on flooring made of marble. Homeowners can use a dust mop to quickly remove any dirt, dust or pet hair.

Resistant To Damage and Stains

Unlike cheaper types of flooring, marble floors are capable of resisting damage and stains. The density of marble makes it resistant to scratches, damage and stains.

However, it’s important to understand that marble isn’t impervious, so it still requires proper care and maintenance. A simple marble cleaner and polish will work wonders. These are just a few of the top reasons why thousands of homeowners prefer marble flooring.