Tips To Help You Find the Best Carpet for Your Home

Thousands of homeowners would like to have carpet installed, but they don’t know how to find the carpet that is right for their home. Aside from being both fashionable and comfortable, carpet doesn’t make noise when walked on, and it’s an excellent insulator. Carpet is available in a variety of colors and fibers. With so many different styles and manufacturers to choose from, the task of buying carpet can seem intimidating.

Carpet Types

carpetWhen searching for the carpeting that is right for their home, consumers have many types of carpet to choose from. Carpet is actually made out of fibers, so homeowners will need to choose the type of fiber that suits their lifestyle.

When carpet is made, individual fibers can be spun together, and the end result is yarn. Some carpet has thick fibers while other types have thin fibers. Homeowners need to determine if they want thick or thin fibers. When determining what type of carpet to buy, it’s important to consider the carpet’s pile, which is the height of the carpet’s individual fibers.

Homeowners must also consider density, which is how closely the carpet’s fibers are packed together. Carpeting with high-density fibers offers greater durability than low-density carpeting. Another factor to consider is carpet weight.

A metric that can be found on the labeling of most carpets is face weight, which is the total weight of a carpet’s surface fibers. A higher face weight indicates good quality. Consumers should also consider a carpet’s texture, which refers to how carpet fibers are cut, twisted and looped.

Popular Types of Fibers

Carpet fibers can be made from many different materials. In some cases, fibers are made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, acrylic, olefin and nylon. However, many carpets have fibers made from natural materials, such as wool.

The fibers that are used to create a carpet help to shape its unique appearance. Fibers made from wool give consumers great durability and a rich, deep appearance. Wool fibers resist stains, dirt and soil because they’re packed tightly.

Due to these benefits, carpet made from wool fibers is usually more expensive than carpets made from synthetic materials. Out of the many materials that carpet fibers can be made from, nylon is the most popular.

Since it’s very strong it works great for high-traffic homes and offices. Some other popular fiber materials are acrylic, polyester and olefin. Consumers can use this information to find the best carpet for their home. Buying carpet for a new or old home should be a fun, enjoyable experience.