The Luxury of Terracotta Tiles

A heated floor is a very luxurious way of bringing warmth to any room. There are many types of warm floors available. When choosing between them, look for the type of floor that will bring maximum warmth and style to your room. Many choices are available that are not only elegant and beautiful but are also gentle on your budget. Well-heated flooring will accomplish all of these tasks and help you save money on your yearly energy costs as well.

Terracotta tile is a highly prized and extremely useful type of flooring. Terracotta consists primarily of clay. The clay is heated and then formed into tiles of all types. Terracotta tile is quite versatile. The tiles can decorated in a wide variety of designs including every color of the rainbow. Many terracotta tiles are finished in a soft orange brown with an unglazed cover. This color is often designed to fit in with a Spanish style design plan.

The warm feel of the terracotta tile is ideal as a cover for floors that are heated. Some people choose to install this type of flooring themselves. This is only recommended if you have a background in contracting and experience with the principles involved in all aspects of installation. Most people are far better off hiring a skilled contractor to complete this job for them. A contractor will begin by taking a careful measurement of the room where you wish to install the tiling. Then they will also have a look at any existing flooring. The contractor will also look carefully at the rest of your home and may even ask for a floor plan and any recent written reports from other contractors that you may have on hand.

After that initial process has been completed, the contractor will typically begin the installation. This usually involves installing the heating mechanism under the floor and then the pipes that connect the mechanism. After this is completed, the contractor will put flooring on top of the result.

This type of luxurious flooring works outdoors as well as indoors. Consider using it if you have an outdoor garden or a large pool. A heated terracotta floor can feel quite wonderful under foot after a swim in your heated pool or on your bare feet when walking through a garden.

Flooring is essential to any room. Add a heated floor for even more luxury and warmth.