The Eco-Friendly Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is the perfect material to use for an eco-friendly floor, and there are many benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is sturdy, stable, beautiful to look at, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Bamboo is really a type of grass which is what bamboo flooring is made of. Bamboo is a renewable resource because it is harvested continuously and because it is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Top quality bamboo flooring is made from the bamboo harvested in the seventh year of growth.

bambooEven though bamboo isn’t wood, it is very comparable to hardwood floors in durability and sturdiness. Bamboo is just about as hard as maple and oak and tougher than most traditional hardwood materials used in most homes. Keep in mind that the durability of the floor will depend on the type of bamboo, age of the plant when harvested and the type of process used making the floor.

Bamboo flooring is finished and stained just like traditional hardwood floors. Consequently, these floors come in several bamboo colors and grains. Some flooring has more subtle grain patterns compared to some that are more pronounced patterns with ring-like markings that compare to hardwood.

Another benefit of bamboo flooring is the cost. In the past, flooring that used bamboo was expensive and hard to find. However, because of its growth in popularity and increased production, floor prices for bamboo have come down. Average costs of materials for a bamboo floor are between $2 and $4 per each square foot. This compares closely with the prices of oak flooring. Bamboo planks are a lot easier to find in stores because they are displayed with the traditional hardwood flooring.

The bamboo installation process is simple. Bamboo floors are installed using the same methods one uses installing hardwood floors. This includes free floating floors where planks are glued in one piece and float over the sub-flooring, gluing down straight to the existing floor and a basic method of nailing the planks down to the sub-flooring.

Bamboo flooring continues to grow in popularity today and is proving to be an attractive and versatile alternative to the traditional hardwood flooring. It is available in many colors and a variety of grain patterns, unique in its appearance and priced competitively.

If you are looking for something beautiful for your home and want a material that will offer years of warmth and character to your home, you will be pleased with installing a top quality bamboo floor.