The Benefits and Disadvantages Of Loop Pile Carpets

Loop pile carpet is commonly found in high traffic areas because the design of the fibers provides a number of advantages over other types of flooring. Loop pile carpets can be found in homes and businesses. The closed loops have some disadvantages as well. Loop pile carpeting has several benefits and a few potential issues.

Easy Maintenance

Loop pile carpets are very easy to maintain and resist some types of common staining. The complete loops on these resilient carpets can capture liquids or debris before they have a chance to reach the body of the carpet and form a stain. Additionally, the complete loops make cleaning easier since they do not hold dirt and debris as well as cut pile carpets. Loop pile carpets can improve air quality in a home because more allergens and debris are removed when vacuuming or steam cleaning.


Loop pile carpets are one of the most durable options available for the home and for commercial spaces. A row of complete loops is made from a single long piece of material. The loops will not break or pull out of the backing. The loop shape also provides better resilience since the structure will not flatten even when placed in a high traffic area. The durability of a loop pile carpet allows the pile to return to normal even after being compressed by heavy furniture.

Textured Appearance

Loop pile carpets can be manufactured to have a unique textured appearance. This is done by creating loops of fabric that are different heights. The result can be a complex pattern of high and low areas of the pile that adds to the overall appearance of the carpet. One of the reasons textured loop pile carpets are popular is because they have a distinctive appearance without sacrificing the resilience and durability of the fabric.


Something that has prevented some people from installing loop pile carpeting in the home is the amount of cushioning provided. Loop pile carpets do not tend to be as soft as cut pile carpets. This is because the loops do not spread and give way underfoot in the same way as individual cut pile strands. The result is sometimes a carpet that has a stiff or compact feeling.


Loop pile carpets do have the potential to cause snags in the home because of the closed fabric rings. Snags sometimes catch nails or items being moved across the carpet. Although snags are not a major concern for many people, they can occur with a loop pile carpet.