Maintaining Beautiful Carpets

With so many carpet cleaning services from which to choose, it can be difficult to keep all the conflicting information you will find from muddying the waters and confusing you.

carpet cleaningThere are so many factors to consider.

  • Price
  • Carpet cleaning machines to be used
  • Location and reputation of carpet cleaning services
  • Possible adverse effects of chemical cleaning agents on children, pets and those with chemical sensitivities or allergies
  • Potential damage to carpets

These are just a few of the considerations to be taken into account.

Some people think they might like to go the do-it-yourself route. This is fine if you are willing to exert the rather intense physical effort. Make no mistake, cleaning carpets is hard work. Simply moving the furniture can be a two person operation.

Then there is the element of time to consider. If you want to clean the carpets in an entire house, you can essentially write off an entire weekend.

Finally, when you consider the monetary savings, the difference between professional carpet cleaners and a DIY project is minimal to the point where it is not worth the risk of potentially poor DIY results that will actually represent money wasted, not saved.

The age and condition of your carpet will also help to steer you in the right direction. Check for these issues:

  • Stains of unknown origin
  • Musty, moldy odors
  • Fraying carpet fibers
  • Discoloration from direct sunlight

In most instances you will know what caused a stain, but even knowing, will you know how to treat the stain so that it actually comes out?

Also, a stain on a carpet made of natural fibers would be attacked differently from a synthetic fiber carpet by professional carpet cleaning services.

Odors can be particularly difficult to deal with. They could be trapped in carpet padding. No cleaning method will have anything other than a temporary masking effect of odors that have penetrated to the padding or the sub-floor. This is especially true if water or smoke damage is involved.

Fraying carpets might suffer from cleaning. Threadbare carpet is probably a candidate for replacement and a reputable carpet cleaning service will point this out to you.

Most modern carpet materials are not affected by sunlight unless it is relentlessly intense and the carpets have been exposed for years. If you have sun fading, no carpet cleaners can help the situation, so be wary of any that claim that they can.