Classic Materials Meet Modern Tastes: A New Take on Terrazzo

If you’re in the market for a durable surface material, terrazzo is perfect for your next remodeling project. Terrazzo is an ancient technique that has recently seen new applications alongside traditional uses, and is benefiting from updated technologies, such as the use of more flexible or durable cement grounding materials. Learn more about what terrazzo is and how it can benefit you.

Components and Creation

terrazzoTerrazzo tiles are manufactured of what is known as composite materials set in a cemetitious matrix. This creates a unique look with nearly infinite color and pattern combinations. It has a unique and highly identifiable speckled appearance created by the manufacturing process and the materials utilized and may include:

  • Quartz or other stone chips
  • Glass
  • Synthetics

These are either dusted or undusted and then cement or epoxy bound. Terrazzo tiles may either be preformed or poured directly, though in the case of individual tiles, the former method is most often preferred. The tiles are then ground and polished for a marble-like finish that is highly durable and hard wearing. They are ideal for high traffic or high moisture applications, and are ideal for either indoor or outdoor flooring projects.

Fashionable Applications

You have no doubt seen terrazzo tiles in many public places, such as shopping malls, outdoor parks, fountain rims, and terraces. But the trendy set of design specialists are putting terrazzo to work in novel ways, while honoring this material’s traditional purposes. You can look forward to seeing it used for

  • Bathroom flooring and wall materials
  • Art galleries
  • Modern home concepts
  • Kitchen remodels
  • High traffic areas, such as hallways

The Terrazzo Hallway

Perfect for intense treading, this direct-pour method of terrazzo can use any number of lovely color combinations or keep a minimalist tone with gray stone chips in a white epoxy matrix.

A Classic Kitchen

With so much going on, it’s important that a floor bind the many elements together. As well, new manufacturing techniques, such as the patented resinous matrix render a tough, but flexible tile.

The Clean Look Throughout

Modern design concepts embrace the look and smooth finish of terrazzo tiles. While it has the glossy sheen of marble, it comes without the headache of trying to align vein patterns and requires far less maintenance than marble.

There are so many ways to use the many variations on this classic theme. Choose one that is perfect for your ideal concept today.