Choosing the Right Style for Any Room

Decorating or redecorating your home can be a fun and exciting endeavor. With the right accessories, you can transform a boring living room into a social nirvana or a lackluster kitchen into a chef-worthy scene. Before you can begin shopping for the perfect décor, you must first decide what type of room you want to achieve.

Classic and Timeless

type of roomRich details and refined styles are two hallmarks of classic design. Classic furniture and accessories will typically focus on floral or natural accents that are often inspired by legendary scenes, tales or figures. Create a classic living room by incorporating glass stained lamps, large plushy furniture and patterned furniture or rugs.

Minimal and Modern

The modern minimalist style simultaneously emphasizes precision and simplicity. This less-is-more approach requires carefully synchronized colors and clean surfaces. When applying the modern minimalist style to a bathroom, look for furniture with strong geometric resemblances. Minimalist modern-styled dining rooms often feature box shelves or rectangular storage counters.

Classic and Vintage

Classic vintage style puts a playful spin on classic designs. A popular trend in classic vintage design is updating Victorian-style furniture by adding bright colors. Bright colored tables or chairs with gold plating are parts of another popular classic vintage style.

Contemporary and Stylish

Contemporary designs incorporate warm tones such as rich reds, deep browns, and classic creams. Contemporary rooms boast balanced colors and polished finishings. Many contemporary furniture pieces are composed of solid woods. To bring a contemporary style to a bedroom, look for large, plushy furniture and warm-colored, printed comforters or bedspreads.

Retro and Playful

The retro look is marked by fun, playful designs and colors. Retro-themed rooms frequently feature ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s favorites such as lava lamps, illusion-themed art and wallpaper, and modern plays on geometric shapes. A retro-styled den may feature a dark couch with bright circular or rectangular-shaped throw pillows or patterns.

Techie and Functional

The increasingly popular techie style focuses on utility. Each piece is deliberate and serves a specific function. Techie style may boast a wide range of colors and features crisp, clean lines and shapes. Examples of techie style include multi-purpose furniture such futons, bed/desk combinations, computer desk/book shelf combinations, chairs with built-in lights, etc.

Once you have decided what type of room you want to create, the options are endless. You could choose any one of these designs to focus on or mix and match them for an eclectic style. Whatever you choose, remember to have fun!